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Friday, 2 September 2016

Tiba detiknya

A simple poem written approximately less than a month before my pupils sit for their UPSR examination. Well, enjoy reading, people.. :)

Tiba detiknya

Jerih perit telah dicurahkan,
Peredaran waktu, terhitungkah mereka?
Ibarat menunggu pengakhiran,
Yang sukar diduga,
Hasil tuaian pula menjadi jaminan,
Demi penentuan prestasi kerjaya.

Aduhai pewarisku,
Berkecemuk kotak minda ku,
Tak terluah dek kosa kata,
Hanya titipan secebis nasihat,
Hanya mampu melihat,
Selagi waktu masih berkesempatan.


Saturday, 14 May 2016

From KL to L

It's been a year since my last post. Well, since I'm officially back in my so called 'leisure' writing, I would like to share my latest update on my career. Here we go..

Tadaaaa..surprise!!! I'm officially a teacher now. Yes, as what I've mentioned in my title, from a metropolitan city (Kuala Lumpur) as IPG student for 5 years and around 2 months, I've been posted to a school located in a rural area named Kampung Long Tengoa, Lawas.
       At first, both my dad and I were surprised when we received the posting news from jpns. Even my dad said to me that not even once in his dream that I'll get posted to a place which is too far from my hometown, and not even at any SK school. This is because all this while I've been targetted to be posted in any SJKC school as stated in my offer letter before I entered IPG. Well, I just surrender everything into God's hand. I believed He has planned something good for me, and for His glory.
       Without second thought after I've received the offer letter, immediately I made a few phone calls, and even posted in FB to search for assistants and more details about the school. With God's grace, some angels (my FB followers/friends) have provided me with not only motivation words to lift up my spirit to accept the offer, but also some pictures about the school location, scenario of the pros and cons in term of assessibility, and school staff).
        Moreover, to my surprised, one of my friends has given me her cousin's contact number, who coincidently is currently teaching in this school. Since my informers did remind me that the school does not has phone coverage, I've contacted that teacher, Teacher C via Whatsapp. Haha. Yay! From him, I managed to get our headmaster's contact number, and guess what? After about two days trying to get his replied via Whatsapp as I need to inform him that I was unable to register according to the date given by jpns/ppd, I decided to give him a phone call on Friday's afternoon. Thank you, Lord! He finally picked up the phone. Well.. When I told him that I've no transport to fetch me from airport to school, he personally said he'll pick me up and also arranged lodging for me after I've reached Lawas.
         Today, it's been about 4 months I'm teaching in this school which is famous with it catchy slogan 'Oncoi', in English means good/well. This school is well-known because of it excellent performance in sports. One of my year 6 pupils has presented Limbang district in MSSM held in UNIMAS, Kota Samarahan. She won silver medals in 100 m, 200 m, 4×100 m and 4×200 m events. I personally feel proud and happy for her. However, in terms of academic, looks like I need to struggle hard starting from this year, as the exam candidates from this school did not perform well for both English papers in UPSR last year. #fighting #yougogirl
         The most fun part about the school is we don't have to worry much about what to eat while staying in school during weekdays. So far, we always have free breakfast and lunch being sent to staffroom straight from hostel's kitchen. Even for any event (including staff meeting, ok?) that take place in our school, our school (especially our headmaster) is too generous and make sure that there is food or at least a light meal to serve our visitors. eat..hoyeah..
       Hmm..I guess that's all that I can share with you for this post, dear readers. Hope I can collect more ideas and being given time to share more about my experience throughout my service in this school #oncoi

Photo taken as remembrance - before our headmaster retired. He officially retired on 25th April 2016

Our headmaster's retirement ceremony. #farewell

#SKLT family dinner - 5th May 2016, Hotel Seri Malaysia, Lawas

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Memori & perpisahan

Tirai pengajian bakal belabuh
Detik peninggalan tempat 'berteduh'
Ungkapan perpisahan mengiringi perjalanan
Bahkan hingga tiba kampung halaman
Sejenak daku mengimbau kenangan

Bermula helaian baharu kini
Pengembaraan yang perlu disusuri
Sebagai penguji diri
Setelah dilimpahi dengan teori-teori
Ahli falsafah yang hebat berdiskusi
Yang adakalanya tak tercapai
Dek akal ini

Perlu gagah mengorak langkah
Jangan mudah mengaku kalah
Kata pujangga pembakar semangat
Juga ungkapan doa menjadi pengubat
Menyemai hasrat murni ingin berbakti
Mencorak setiap peribadi
Agar tidak dikesali di kemudian hari


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Spices of life - part 1

My dear Sunshine,
Lovely, great twine,
When both combine,
Clueless to define,
Perhaps joy is the sign?

Little makes assumption,
With variety of prediction,
Cause massive reaction,
Trigger the emotion,
To search for aspiration.

Dream, as they say,
Will wait for the day,
Continue to dance and play,
And why bother about yesterday,
Which seems disrupt your day?

Smile my Sunshine,
Be the blooming vine,
No longer can they find,
That scares of mine,
With you I'll be fine.


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rintihan Pendidik Bangsa

Berbudi buat nusa
Impian sejak dulu kala
Digenggam erat dengan penuh kepayahan
Harapkan tuaian menjadi berkat
Bibit kata pembakar semangat.

Keluhan kian kedengaran
Setiap waktu setiap saat
Tidak terlintas di fikiran
Identiti anak didik menjadi taruhan
Di tengah gelenggang yang penuh cabaran.

Mengapa dan bagaimana
Persoalan yang menghantui minda
Gangsterisme, vandalisme dan dadah
Semakin menular sehingga membawa padah
Sehingga warga pendidik terkelu tak terkata.

Sedarlah, celekkanlah minda
Maruah bangsa tidak patut diinjak, dihina
Dunia hanya persinggahan sementara
Kita, ya kita
Pencorak masa depan negara.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mengenang MH370

Titipan kata yang kian sepi,
Lambaian diberi beribu erti,
Ditepis suara hati,
Sesekali raungan menemani,
Terkapai-kapai ingin mencari,
Insan yang dikasihi.

Bersemadi di lautan nan dalam,
Buat sang pendengar terdiam, tergamam,
Cuba merungkai makna yang terpendam,
Tafsiran demi tafsiran dihadam,
Harapan masih kuat digenggam,
Sehingga kini tidak mungkin terpadam.

Hanya doa yang mampu daku hadiahkan,
Doa dititip memohon keampunan,
Doa dititip memohon kekuatan,
Doa dititip memohon perlindungan,
Doa dititip memohon pemberkatan,
Bagi setiap insan yang memerlukan,
Kepada Yang Maha Esa dijadikan sandaran.

*Nukilan Ryna_91,
27hb Mac 2014.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hati vs minda

Rapuhnya dikau disaat badai menimpa
Dipandang lemah di setiap masa
Ditentukan hala yang adakalanya
belum sempat ditafisr maknanya

Dikau dijaga dengan sempurna
sebelum mengenali fajar
Pabila fajar mulai menyinsing
Dikau ibarat pasang surut
yang sukar dikawal
Bahkan lebih dasyat dari bencana
Belum sempat lagi
Dikau diberi peluang
untuk menggeleng mahupun menggangguk

Mengapa perlu diwujudkan sengketa?
Keihlasan hati dari sanubari ditolak
dan dipijak begitu sahaja
Akhirnya pula
dibiar menyendiri selamanya

Coretan naluri,
Ryna_91 (2013)