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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Random writing

Shalom evry1,
Frankly, I x evn hv idea of wht I'm going 2 write 2day..But thr's a kind of force that keep on whispering to me to share anythg randomly dat comes across my mind now..huhu..Things that happen lately makes me stunned, n confuse with myself..I started to figure out how many percents actually that I've poured btwn the feeling of sincerity in performing my duties/responsibilities, and acting for the benefit of others (or perhaps juz 2 do it for the sake of fulfill/achieve the level of own satisfaction)..The chronology of events that happen throughout this week turn me clueless..I do wish that thr will b someone who can really understand me, care for me, n console me at this moment...hmm..Yes, thr is..None but God himself whom I trust. I thank Him for His <3 n mercy, as I believe that wisdom n strength belong to Him..I know that I can't depend with my parents wholly to treat me just like a lil. kid anymore..I must learn to be independent n firm with the decision that I've made in my life..hmm..k then..Enough of my sharing for 2day, my beloved readers..Hope you guys enjoy ur day, n god bless..:)

Thursday, 19 April 2012


"Helaian buku diselak dengan perlahan,
  Saat diri dalam kesepian,
  Degupan jantung berdetak dan minda keruan,
  Mengimbau kisah yang seakan tiada kesudahan,
  Ingin sekali diluahkan,
  Alkisah seorang insan."    

       (Ryna_91, 2012)

"Penilaian sesebuah kecantikan bergantung kepada sang pemandang." 1 pernyataan yang tidak asing yang dipetik daripada peribahasa dalam Bahasa Inggeris, iaitu "Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder". Kecantikan seseorang dinilai melalui pelbagai sudut yang merangkumi persepsi, tahap kesedaran/pengetahuan seseorang mengenai perkara yang dinilai. Maka, adakalanya kita tidak harus menjadi terlalu taksub dalam menentang sesetengah pandangan orang lain mengenai makna kecantikan bagi diri mereka. Mungkin juga benar bahawa kritikan yang mebina membawa ke arah perubahan positif, namun tidak juga perlu melampaui batas sehingga merendahkan martabat pihak2/perkara2 tertentu yang dinilai. "Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih". Perumpaan yang patut dijadikan pegangan bagi melahirkan sebuah perhubungan yang indah dalam mebina kecantikan dalaman (hati). Minda yang bersih turut menyerlahkan lagi kecantikan peribadi seseorang untuk menentang segala hasutan dan kehancuran pada diri. Minda mengawal segala tindak tanduk kita. Dengan demikian, pengukuhan dari segi iman penting bukan sahaja untuk mengekalkan kecantikan dalaman, meskipun luaran tidak dikurniakan dengan paras yang sempurna. Namun, bagi sang Pencipta, setiap kita adalah sempurna kerna kita dicipta oleh-Nya. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

desire vs reality

Just want to share the things that suddenly pops up from my mind..hmm..The feeling of emptiness, half sleepy mode, yet still can't sleep due to mind that is fully covered by questions..I'm struggling to sooth myself with answers..hmm..Those answers might sound ridicules, yet I believe that it's not impossible.. Frequently other people come to me and give some advice..well..It's true that the reality do hurt me, but my desire to move on indeed have strengthen me anyway..Out of the blue, I recall a part of a song lyric..The chorus: "but the voice of truth tells me a different story..the voice of truth says, 'do not be afraid'..The voice of truth says, 'This is for My glory'..out of all the voices calling out to me..I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth"..hehe..Faith, Hope & <3..The 3 main foundation that build my rltshp with God and the people around me (my family, friends, and acquaintances)..Last but x least..dear readers..If anythg that is/are bothering u, try to ignore it if that's the best way to solve it..otherwise, x lose hope n find other alternative as the solution..:) another word, don't easily give = battle..Be strong, and rmbr..prayer will always be the best  remedy to lift up our spirit to continue our journey in life..:D..k guys..that's all from me today..hey..btw..Happy Easter to all Christian..May God Bless all of you with peace & joy in yr heart..Amen..