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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hati vs minda

Rapuhnya dikau disaat badai menimpa
Dipandang lemah di setiap masa
Ditentukan hala yang adakalanya
belum sempat ditafisr maknanya

Dikau dijaga dengan sempurna
sebelum mengenali fajar
Pabila fajar mulai menyinsing
Dikau ibarat pasang surut
yang sukar dikawal
Bahkan lebih dasyat dari bencana
Belum sempat lagi
Dikau diberi peluang
untuk menggeleng mahupun menggangguk

Mengapa perlu diwujudkan sengketa?
Keihlasan hati dari sanubari ditolak
dan dipijak begitu sahaja
Akhirnya pula
dibiar menyendiri selamanya

Coretan naluri,
Ryna_91 (2013)  

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Brainstorming: My so called "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" version of short story (Hak Cipta Terpelihara)

Once there lived a very charming little princess in a very huge and beautiful palace. Her mother, Queen Sancelia loves her so much ever since she was born. As the princess is born with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as that wood of the window frame, the queen decided to name her Snow White. When Snow White just about to reach two years old, the queen suddenly fall ill and passed away.

A year later, Snow White’s father, King Watzson remarried to a lady which is as beautiful as his former wife. Being too young to understand about the death of her mother, poor little Snow White not only craving for the love from her father, but also has to accept the lady as her step-mother. The new queen, however, is undeniable wicked and vain. She is willing to do anything, as long as she can keep herself look pretty and fair in the eyes of the King and people all over the land. She owned a magic bird, which she really trusted as her messenger. The magic bird will transform into a magic mirror if being ordered by the queen. As a part of her routine, she never failed to ask her messenger to tell her who is the most attractive and fairest in the land. The spell that she always use to ask her messenger is “Who’s the prettiest among all, oh my lovely magical mirror?” Her messenger replies in a joyful mode, saying “You are, my queen.”

One day, the queen had a nightmare. In her dream, she saw a very pretty young lady and soon felt jealous of the lady’s beauty. The wicked queen insisted to find out who’s the lady in her dream to proof that no other woman is fairest or prettiest except the queen herself. For few times she asked her messenger the same spell as what she did for her normal routine, the answer given is still the same. Snow White grew fairer from day to day, and her beauty becomes the center of attraction of young men from all over the land. When the queen first heard the news, she quickly ordered her messenger to tell her who’s the prettiest between Snow White and herself. The magical mirror replied her by saying that Snow White is the one. Unable to accept the truth, she commanded the magic bird to kill Snow White and bring back Snow White’s lung as proof of her death. The magic bird then transformed a statue to become a huntsman.

Snow White was playing alone in the palace garden when the huntsman suddenly appeared in front of her. Without asking Snow White permission to bring her out from the palace, the huntsman recited a magical spell to make Snow White paralyzed before he can transport her to a jungle which is far away from the King’s palace. Instead of killing Snow White, the huntsman who is smart to differentiate between the good and the evil man, leaving Snow White in the jungle and warned her not to come back to her father’s palace. He then turned a stone look exactly like Snow White’s lung. Before he returned to the palace, he instructed Snow White to find a place that she can hide and called home until he come back someday to fetch Snow White back to the palace.

It was almost dawn when she finally found a unique, medium size hut. As she was too exhausted and unable to walk further, her body became weak and fainted in front of the hut’s door. Few minutes after that, the eldest dwarf who coincidently just came back from work saw the unconscious figure of Snow White in front of his house’s door. Amazed with her beauty, he slowly creeping in his house and informed his other six siblings about Snow White. Snow White woke up about an hour after that. She was shocked when she saw the seven dwarfs standing surrounded her. At first she taught it was a dream and scream as loud as she could. All the dwarfs was terrified and shouted “quiet” almost at the same pace at a time. After they cooled down, the third youngest dwarfs asked Snow White how she managed to get into the jungle. Snow White explained to them what had happened to her. The dwarfs take pity of her, and allow her to stay with them with condition. The condition is she needs to help in managing the house chore while they are not at home. The dwarfs also warned Snow White not to go out to the jungle without companion.

The next morning, the queen continues her daily routine by asking her messenger once again, “Who’s the prettiest among all, oh my lovely magical mirror?” The mirror replies, “You are pretty, my queen. However, Snow White is still the prettiest among all.” She felt angry due to her early plan that was not working to get rid of Snow White. Hence, the queen casted a spell and transformed her own self to become a rabbit. When the wicked queen arrived at the dwarfs’ hut, she knocked the door slowly and gradually become louder enough to be heard by Snow White. As it was noon time, she taught that it was the seven dwarfs who usually come back for lunch. She opened the door without having the second thought, and saw the rabbit. Snow White felt very happy because she taught that the rabbit can be her companion while she is alone in the hut. The moment she wanted to touch the rabbit, the rabbit seems to give a signal by leading Snow White to a place which was a few miles away from the hut. After a while, the rabbit stop running and Snow White took the opportunity to touch the rabbit. Snow White suddenly felt dizzy after touching the rabbit, and soon collapsed at that place. The queen leaped in joy as she taught that she had succeeded to get rid of Snow White once and for all. She returned to the palace with a broad wide smile on her face.

The seven dwarfs returned to the hut for lunch, and later on found out that Snow White has missing. They tried to search for Snow White in every corner of the hut, but failed. Therefore, they separated themselves and went all over the jungle. After a few hours of searching, one of the dwarfs managed to find Snow White and quickly informed the rest to come for an aid. All the seven dwarfs were grieving when they found out the poor breathless Snow White lying on the ground. Assuming that she is died, they placed her in a glass coffin.

One day, King’s palace is being attacked by a storm of very powerful armies from other kingdom. Knowing that the palace is no longer a safer place to stay, the queen took an immediate action to leave the palace. On her way back to her origin, her magic bird suddenly refused to come along with her and she lost her magic power. She turned weak and her beauty faded away. Before the magic bird gave up it magical power, it turned a statue to a real huntsman and claimed the promise that the huntsman had made to Snow White before. The huntsman, dressed up like a prince, went to the seven dwarfs’ hut and found out that Snow White is lying in the glass coffin. The huntsman blew his breath into Snow White’s nose, and finally awakes her from her long unconsciousness state. The huntsman brought Snow White away from the jungle, save the king’s life from the armies’ attacked and finally married her. The seven dwarfs were also being invited to the wedding party. They lived happily ever after.

THE END.   (By Ryna_91)   Julai 2, 2013.