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Monday, 31 December 2012

last day of 2012

in deep thought of me,
wondering what's bothering thee,
if thou feel trouble,
i wouldn't make it double,
cause this manifestation of feeling seems murdering thee.   

my wish,my hope,
aren't they're thou share as well?
leaving behind all the past,
will we both able to cope,
with those unseen road that will dwell,
by those strangers as if it's a must?

those moments, those lovely memory,
are now we shall called as history,
it ends like a movie,
it's time to face the reality.

  <3 Ryna_91, 2012 <3

Friday, 30 November 2012

Private information from FB..hihi

Dear readers. Exclusive only sharing through blog. No heart feeling,ok? 
Counting days & blessings.Game over. No more hide & seek + guessing game, right people? Surprise? :D

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Miracle love story..

Even when the ocean rise and the thunders roll, nothing can tremble the two hearts to be together. When love is the reason, no matter how hard the journey is, both of them will still moving on. Bothering much upon something seems a must, yet loyalty tied both of them to keep on believing each other. They share among them laughter and tears, secrets and dreams almost everyday which turn their relationship become more closer even though distance is the boundary that curb them to meet each other most of the time. Well, let this story remain short, yet sweet to be shared with all of you. With <3, Ryna_91.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mutiara hati

Senyuman terukir menghiasi taman 
Ibarat penyuluh dikala kegelapan
Di mata dunia memperlihatkan kekuatan
Ibarat kilauan mutiara terserlah di tengah lautan
Namun pada tirai dijadikan sandaran
Disaat hati mulai kosong dilanda kesepian.

Ketika ketulusan jiwa menjadi persoalanmu
Lidah terkelu menelan ungkapan seribu
Relung hati seakan ditusuk sembilu
Tetap ditahan keras seperti batu
Harapan disimpan akan terhapus jua jurang itu
Akan dinanti hingga ke akhir waktu.

Mungkin sukar untuk mengerti
Tapi satu yang ingin dikecapi
Ingin melihat damai dunia di mata sendiri
Dan pergi dengan tenang di hati.
                                                                                            -Ryna91- <3

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Beautiful Quotes from Disney

Cinderella - If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.
Stitch - Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
Snow White - Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine.
Ryna_91 - "mengapa hrs dikenang, jika itu tidak mbuat dirimu tenang?? mengapa hrs bsedih, jika itu mbuat hatimu lbh pedih?? mengapa hrs dtelan yg pahit, jika itu mbuatmu trasa smakin perit??"
Ryna_91 - "rama2 bebas bsuka-ria; burung2 bkicauan tanda bahagia; bunga mekar indah tak terkata; riuh-rendah sang alam semesta, bagaikn mymbt senang khadiran pemerhati yg setia."

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Random writing

Shalom evry1,
Frankly, I x evn hv idea of wht I'm going 2 write 2day..But thr's a kind of force that keep on whispering to me to share anythg randomly dat comes across my mind now..huhu..Things that happen lately makes me stunned, n confuse with myself..I started to figure out how many percents actually that I've poured btwn the feeling of sincerity in performing my duties/responsibilities, and acting for the benefit of others (or perhaps juz 2 do it for the sake of fulfill/achieve the level of own satisfaction)..The chronology of events that happen throughout this week turn me clueless..I do wish that thr will b someone who can really understand me, care for me, n console me at this moment...hmm..Yes, thr is..None but God himself whom I trust. I thank Him for His <3 n mercy, as I believe that wisdom n strength belong to Him..I know that I can't depend with my parents wholly to treat me just like a lil. kid anymore..I must learn to be independent n firm with the decision that I've made in my life..hmm..k then..Enough of my sharing for 2day, my beloved readers..Hope you guys enjoy ur day, n god bless..:)

Thursday, 19 April 2012


"Helaian buku diselak dengan perlahan,
  Saat diri dalam kesepian,
  Degupan jantung berdetak dan minda keruan,
  Mengimbau kisah yang seakan tiada kesudahan,
  Ingin sekali diluahkan,
  Alkisah seorang insan."    

       (Ryna_91, 2012)

"Penilaian sesebuah kecantikan bergantung kepada sang pemandang." 1 pernyataan yang tidak asing yang dipetik daripada peribahasa dalam Bahasa Inggeris, iaitu "Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder". Kecantikan seseorang dinilai melalui pelbagai sudut yang merangkumi persepsi, tahap kesedaran/pengetahuan seseorang mengenai perkara yang dinilai. Maka, adakalanya kita tidak harus menjadi terlalu taksub dalam menentang sesetengah pandangan orang lain mengenai makna kecantikan bagi diri mereka. Mungkin juga benar bahawa kritikan yang mebina membawa ke arah perubahan positif, namun tidak juga perlu melampaui batas sehingga merendahkan martabat pihak2/perkara2 tertentu yang dinilai. "Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih". Perumpaan yang patut dijadikan pegangan bagi melahirkan sebuah perhubungan yang indah dalam mebina kecantikan dalaman (hati). Minda yang bersih turut menyerlahkan lagi kecantikan peribadi seseorang untuk menentang segala hasutan dan kehancuran pada diri. Minda mengawal segala tindak tanduk kita. Dengan demikian, pengukuhan dari segi iman penting bukan sahaja untuk mengekalkan kecantikan dalaman, meskipun luaran tidak dikurniakan dengan paras yang sempurna. Namun, bagi sang Pencipta, setiap kita adalah sempurna kerna kita dicipta oleh-Nya. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

desire vs reality

Just want to share the things that suddenly pops up from my mind..hmm..The feeling of emptiness, half sleepy mode, yet still can't sleep due to mind that is fully covered by questions..I'm struggling to sooth myself with answers..hmm..Those answers might sound ridicules, yet I believe that it's not impossible.. Frequently other people come to me and give some advice..well..It's true that the reality do hurt me, but my desire to move on indeed have strengthen me anyway..Out of the blue, I recall a part of a song lyric..The chorus: "but the voice of truth tells me a different story..the voice of truth says, 'do not be afraid'..The voice of truth says, 'This is for My glory'..out of all the voices calling out to me..I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth"..hehe..Faith, Hope & <3..The 3 main foundation that build my rltshp with God and the people around me (my family, friends, and acquaintances)..Last but x least..dear readers..If anythg that is/are bothering u, try to ignore it if that's the best way to solve it..otherwise, x lose hope n find other alternative as the solution..:) another word, don't easily give = battle..Be strong, and rmbr..prayer will always be the best  remedy to lift up our spirit to continue our journey in life..:D..k guys..that's all from me today..hey..btw..Happy Easter to all Christian..May God Bless all of you with peace & joy in yr heart..Amen..

Tuesday, 13 March 2012



It's been a while since I left this blog without any news..huhu..Kinda busy throughout these few weeks..Feel exhausted at a point, but I'm glad that I've been given such a great people around me..They always remind me every bitter and sour taste that I experience now are just part and partial of my journey of life..Heavenly Father, let Your will be done..There's a lot of things that I couldn't understand, yet I still believe that through You, nothing is impossible..I realize that I need You to be my light, my strength and my refuge. Who am I shall compare You with any other creations on earth?? You are the most merciful and magnificent, Lord..In Your mercy, teach me how to be humble and kind toward others, Lord..Help me to repent from my sins, and lead me to Your path especially during this season of Lent..Send forth Holy Spirit and angels in heaven to protect me and my loved one (family, friends and acquaintances) from harm and danger, Lord..Through Your son, Jesus, I put my trust..Mother Mary, pray for us..

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tears by Suresh Lim Keng Leong. (BIG 2012)

Shalom n hi once again 2 all..hehe..For today's post, I would like to share thoughts by one of my best friends, which touches my heart the most today..huhu..


Tears are not just drops of salt water.
Tears are not just proof of your feelings.
Tears are not just pain.

Tears is the purpose of one's desire to communicate in a way that one sees as something beautiful and truly honest. 
It is the way of how you and I see things and perceive it to be sad, pain, loneliness, and deprivation.
It teaches us to be strong and put up a face tougher and a heart stronger.
It provides the courtesy of feelings and humanity.
It is will.
It is power.
It is desire.
It is a message sent from one's heart to another.
It is a culture.
Indeed, tears is not just drops of salt water, proof of your feelings, pain but a new chapter of a new beginning.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

receiving the 1st allowance 4 DEGREE YEAR..


eeerr..What am I going to share here might sound a bit lame..But, frankly..I really appreciated those who keeps on fighting for the right as student to get the allowance on time..and...I'm quite excited + feel a bit worry after realizing that I'm holding quite "large" amount of $ in my account..fuh..Some of my friends might find that it's not something new to them..hmm..However, as a child that being grown up by highly discipline types of parents, I would say that it's a mixture of "blessing" & also "disaster" at the same time..Since I was born, my parents controlling my budget until I reached 19 years old..(errr..even until now, it's like a "must" for me to report my expenses (of coz only for the heavy one, i.e RM100 and above) to my dad, especially).. -.-"..Aaaaa..Just pray that I'll be a good steward by taking care of my budget properly..As general, we know that we can't escape of spending money for books, fees, and the most important is....FOOD..Talking about food, I started to realise that I didn't eat much for dinner within this few days..huhu..Such a drastic changes happen in me..Before this, dinner is a must for me..Keep on wondering about it makes me missing my mom so much..Moreover, I have no idea of my health condition right now..It seems like I always not feeling well, and easily feel tired after keeping myself busy for one whole day..huhu..Please Lord..have mercy on me..I don't want to spend my allowance just for the sake of paying the hospital fees and medicine if I fall ill here..
Okie dokie guys..enough for today..Have a blessed weekends..Last but not least, spend your money wisely..bye..:D

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Koleksi..(ucapan sblm tdur via sms)

"Slmt mlm putera mentari..Saat bsamamu indah skali..Jg diri n smoga dpt bjumpe lg..<3"
"Slmt mlm duhai sang puteri bulan.saat bsamamu mrupakn sesuatu yg indah n bmakna.akn kita btemu lg dlm mimpi indahmu. <3 u!"
"Putera mentari..daku bjanji akn b'usaha utk sentiasa senyum x kira apa jua kesukaran yg dhadapi pd masa kelak."
"Buat puteri rembulan,daku juga bjanji akn cuba mbahagiakn diri mu."
"Duhai angin,sampaiknlh rasa rindu n cintaku kpd sang rembulan."
"Slmt mlm,bulanku yg t'indah,smoga mimpimu dhiasi dgn keindahan.moga2 harimu esok dsinari dgn sinar senyuman yg mbahagiakn.I LOVE YOU!"
"Maafkn diriku seandainya diri ini tlh mnyakitkn n mjengkelkn diri sang rembulan ksygnku."
"Slmt mlm buat sang rembulan pujangga hatiku.smoga mlm mu mjd sumber phidupan bg dirimu & yg lain."
"Slmt mlm sang mentari ilham ku.Smoga sinarmu mbhagiakn sluruh alam yg luas tbentang."
"Smoga slmt dlm penerokaan alam mimpi nan indah,putera mentari."

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Shalom dear readers,
It's been 2 weeks since I hvn't update my blog..huhu..anyway..let me share with you what have I done within 3 days before and during CNY this year..
First of all, on 20th Jan, two of my friends (Olga and Clare) and I were helping our church members to do some sort of separation and arranging the Mandarin Oranges or also known as "Kam" by the Chinese - as the preparation to be distributed after CNY mass service (23rd Jan)..As a result, instead of only does the things that being asked, we also ate some of the oranges (of course the one that being listed as not too sure about their condition) till full..I really enjoyed it, even though I have to drink lots of plain water after I reached my hostel..hahaa..
The next day,my housemates (6 of them) and I went to one of our church members house for reunion party ..I love it as I really miss my mom's homemade cook so much..Without second thought, I ate as much as I could that night..:D..Moreover, I felt touched because transportation was provided for us to and fro from that house to our hostel..(OH HEAVEN..Thanks Lord)
Next, the following day..CNY EVE DINNER at St. Francis Xavier Church's Gym, PJ..I went there with Olga (one of my housemates)..Frankly, I'll never forget about it as that was the 1st time I'm having CNY Eve dinner without my own family members, and most important is that the food were MARVELOUS..I can't remember what I had for CNY Eve dinner last year..huhu..but I still remember that I was staying with my current housemates' house back then..(Thanks so much for making my life so meaningful, Lord)
Here are some captions of the food..YAY!!

What's next??hmm..Oh yea..on 23rd Jan..Olga and I were attending the CNY mass at St. Francis Xavier Church..Gosh, for real..they were putting the fire crackers at the main entrance of the church and fired it right before the mass started..hehe..Don't misinterpret this yea??Actually, that is one of the cultures for those who are celebrating Lunar New Year all over the world, which it symbolizes a believe that the purpose of fired the fire crackers is to get rid of evil spirits from hunting them..After that, I taken my lunch at one of the Mamak restaurant, which is not far from the church..Great..That makes me having instant fried noodle for lunch and another instant noodle for dinner (for none of the food stall/restaurant and even our hostel cafe were open during that time)..huhu..
Ok readers, that's all from me for this post..Thanks for reading..hehe..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Memorable outing..


7th January 2012..Speechless, excited and touched..<3
It's been a week now..Thanks so much..I hope I'll remember all the things that we have done together during our outing yesterday..Another dream came true..hehe..How much I miss the moment right now..Since I'm totally speechless, adding with some mix feelings - which I myself can't even describe it at this moment, I might not write this entry longer as what I did previously..Whatever it is, here are some of the activities that we have gone through yesterday: Arrived at Mid Valley, went lunch at Food Junction Corner, watching movies "Papa I <3 you", "shopping", taking pictures, bought some "sushi" for dinner before heading back to campus..huhu..:)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

PISMP TESL Jan 2012 Intake (last day orientation)


       1st of all, I'm glad that the orientation has officially end today. I realize that starting from tomorrow, I must be more serious with my studies as FIRST YEAR DEGREE STUDENT.Frankly,I myself don't even really prepared myself mentally, and part of physically yesterday (the 1st day of orientation).I entered the auditorium without brought along my pencil box, and also my passport size picture - even though I had already being informed that it was also the registration day for my cohort. Anyway,hopefully I'll learn to be more wise after this.I pray that God will always guiding me to the right path, and bless my studies.
        Before I end my sharing today,I think it's proper for me to leave this message, especially to my beloved classmates (Group F).Sincerely,I love my classmates so much.Thanks for defending me just now.I felt touched.It's not that I am trying to boost about it, but it's the fact.Even though my name have been voice out many times by other friends for the nominee during the election just now, you guys are still don't want to let me go. As you guys know that being the class representative is quite challenging too.Seriously, it's not easy to become a leader or even the assistant and also the treasurer for one cohort.Here, I would like to congratulate Ali as our new cohort leader, Faizah as the assistant of leader, Christine and Faris as the treasurers.Wish you guys all the best.
        Ok readers,that's all from me today.Aligato gozaimas,xie xie,syukran. :D

Not in pic: Aureen, Rubishini and Mogan. (Foundation 1st sem's memory)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To sunshine:


hehe..I'm so happy today!It's like some of my dreams came true..By receiving these three things:a ring and two teddy bears - which are very precious from someone, I felt touched..Thanks so much..I promise I'll taking care of those stuffs..Not to forget, the advises that being given by this "someone" some sort of motivating me to become a wise and more mature person, makes me think about it quite deeply tonight..Anyway, thanks again for the love and care..
Another things that makes me feel satisfy with myself is that I managed to lend a hand to my friends to transfer theirs as well as my stuffs from the place where we kept our stuffs before last sem break to the latest house given to us in our hostel ..It was quite scary as that's the second times I drove other people car. All this while, I only dare to drive my parents' car..
That's all from me, dear readers..Hope all of you will have a pleasant day..:D