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Thursday, 26 January 2012


Shalom dear readers,
It's been 2 weeks since I hvn't update my blog..huhu..anyway..let me share with you what have I done within 3 days before and during CNY this year..
First of all, on 20th Jan, two of my friends (Olga and Clare) and I were helping our church members to do some sort of separation and arranging the Mandarin Oranges or also known as "Kam" by the Chinese - as the preparation to be distributed after CNY mass service (23rd Jan)..As a result, instead of only does the things that being asked, we also ate some of the oranges (of course the one that being listed as not too sure about their condition) till full..I really enjoyed it, even though I have to drink lots of plain water after I reached my hostel..hahaa..
The next day,my housemates (6 of them) and I went to one of our church members house for reunion party ..I love it as I really miss my mom's homemade cook so much..Without second thought, I ate as much as I could that night..:D..Moreover, I felt touched because transportation was provided for us to and fro from that house to our hostel..(OH HEAVEN..Thanks Lord)
Next, the following day..CNY EVE DINNER at St. Francis Xavier Church's Gym, PJ..I went there with Olga (one of my housemates)..Frankly, I'll never forget about it as that was the 1st time I'm having CNY Eve dinner without my own family members, and most important is that the food were MARVELOUS..I can't remember what I had for CNY Eve dinner last year..huhu..but I still remember that I was staying with my current housemates' house back then..(Thanks so much for making my life so meaningful, Lord)
Here are some captions of the food..YAY!!

What's next??hmm..Oh yea..on 23rd Jan..Olga and I were attending the CNY mass at St. Francis Xavier Church..Gosh, for real..they were putting the fire crackers at the main entrance of the church and fired it right before the mass started..hehe..Don't misinterpret this yea??Actually, that is one of the cultures for those who are celebrating Lunar New Year all over the world, which it symbolizes a believe that the purpose of fired the fire crackers is to get rid of evil spirits from hunting them..After that, I taken my lunch at one of the Mamak restaurant, which is not far from the church..Great..That makes me having instant fried noodle for lunch and another instant noodle for dinner (for none of the food stall/restaurant and even our hostel cafe were open during that time)..huhu..
Ok readers, that's all from me for this post..Thanks for reading..hehe..

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