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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To sunshine:


hehe..I'm so happy today!It's like some of my dreams came true..By receiving these three things:a ring and two teddy bears - which are very precious from someone, I felt touched..Thanks so much..I promise I'll taking care of those stuffs..Not to forget, the advises that being given by this "someone" some sort of motivating me to become a wise and more mature person, makes me think about it quite deeply tonight..Anyway, thanks again for the love and care..
Another things that makes me feel satisfy with myself is that I managed to lend a hand to my friends to transfer theirs as well as my stuffs from the place where we kept our stuffs before last sem break to the latest house given to us in our hostel ..It was quite scary as that's the second times I drove other people car. All this while, I only dare to drive my parents' car..
That's all from me, dear readers..Hope all of you will have a pleasant day..:D

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