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Thursday, 5 January 2012

PISMP TESL Jan 2012 Intake (last day orientation)


       1st of all, I'm glad that the orientation has officially end today. I realize that starting from tomorrow, I must be more serious with my studies as FIRST YEAR DEGREE STUDENT.Frankly,I myself don't even really prepared myself mentally, and part of physically yesterday (the 1st day of orientation).I entered the auditorium without brought along my pencil box, and also my passport size picture - even though I had already being informed that it was also the registration day for my cohort. Anyway,hopefully I'll learn to be more wise after this.I pray that God will always guiding me to the right path, and bless my studies.
        Before I end my sharing today,I think it's proper for me to leave this message, especially to my beloved classmates (Group F).Sincerely,I love my classmates so much.Thanks for defending me just now.I felt touched.It's not that I am trying to boost about it, but it's the fact.Even though my name have been voice out many times by other friends for the nominee during the election just now, you guys are still don't want to let me go. As you guys know that being the class representative is quite challenging too.Seriously, it's not easy to become a leader or even the assistant and also the treasurer for one cohort.Here, I would like to congratulate Ali as our new cohort leader, Faizah as the assistant of leader, Christine and Faris as the treasurers.Wish you guys all the best.
        Ok readers,that's all from me today.Aligato gozaimas,xie xie,syukran. :D

Not in pic: Aureen, Rubishini and Mogan. (Foundation 1st sem's memory)

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