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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Random writing

Shalom evry1,
Frankly, I x evn hv idea of wht I'm going 2 write 2day..But thr's a kind of force that keep on whispering to me to share anythg randomly dat comes across my mind now..huhu..Things that happen lately makes me stunned, n confuse with myself..I started to figure out how many percents actually that I've poured btwn the feeling of sincerity in performing my duties/responsibilities, and acting for the benefit of others (or perhaps juz 2 do it for the sake of fulfill/achieve the level of own satisfaction)..The chronology of events that happen throughout this week turn me clueless..I do wish that thr will b someone who can really understand me, care for me, n console me at this moment...hmm..Yes, thr is..None but God himself whom I trust. I thank Him for His <3 n mercy, as I believe that wisdom n strength belong to Him..I know that I can't depend with my parents wholly to treat me just like a lil. kid anymore..I must learn to be independent n firm with the decision that I've made in my life..hmm..k then..Enough of my sharing for 2day, my beloved readers..Hope you guys enjoy ur day, n god bless..:)

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