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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tears by Suresh Lim Keng Leong. (BIG 2012)

Shalom n hi once again 2 all..hehe..For today's post, I would like to share thoughts by one of my best friends, which touches my heart the most today..huhu..


Tears are not just drops of salt water.
Tears are not just proof of your feelings.
Tears are not just pain.

Tears is the purpose of one's desire to communicate in a way that one sees as something beautiful and truly honest. 
It is the way of how you and I see things and perceive it to be sad, pain, loneliness, and deprivation.
It teaches us to be strong and put up a face tougher and a heart stronger.
It provides the courtesy of feelings and humanity.
It is will.
It is power.
It is desire.
It is a message sent from one's heart to another.
It is a culture.
Indeed, tears is not just drops of salt water, proof of your feelings, pain but a new chapter of a new beginning.


  1. awwww!! hahahah
    letak la link tu kat situ..mana tau ada org nk baca lagi ka! hahahaha