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Saturday, 11 February 2012

receiving the 1st allowance 4 DEGREE YEAR..


eeerr..What am I going to share here might sound a bit lame..But, frankly..I really appreciated those who keeps on fighting for the right as student to get the allowance on time..and...I'm quite excited + feel a bit worry after realizing that I'm holding quite "large" amount of $ in my account..fuh..Some of my friends might find that it's not something new to them..hmm..However, as a child that being grown up by highly discipline types of parents, I would say that it's a mixture of "blessing" & also "disaster" at the same time..Since I was born, my parents controlling my budget until I reached 19 years old..(errr..even until now, it's like a "must" for me to report my expenses (of coz only for the heavy one, i.e RM100 and above) to my dad, especially).. -.-"..Aaaaa..Just pray that I'll be a good steward by taking care of my budget properly..As general, we know that we can't escape of spending money for books, fees, and the most important is....FOOD..Talking about food, I started to realise that I didn't eat much for dinner within this few days..huhu..Such a drastic changes happen in me..Before this, dinner is a must for me..Keep on wondering about it makes me missing my mom so much..Moreover, I have no idea of my health condition right now..It seems like I always not feeling well, and easily feel tired after keeping myself busy for one whole day..huhu..Please Lord..have mercy on me..I don't want to spend my allowance just for the sake of paying the hospital fees and medicine if I fall ill here..
Okie dokie guys..enough for today..Have a blessed weekends..Last but not least, spend your money wisely..bye..:D

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