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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hi readers.
For this year, I'm x going back again for CNY. However, thanks to all my friends here who keep me accompanied throughout this break and of cause, not to be forgotten, to my loved one..Thanks for the sweet little present + memories.Before I forget, today is Ash Wednesday. Hv a blessed Ash Wednesday to all Christian worldwide. Let us begin our fasting month with full determination to present before the Lord to receive the ashes on our forehead as a sign that we are ready to repent from our sins and patiently waiting for our born day, Easter Day.
Here are pictures taken throughout this few days CNY breaks..hehe

  Me & him.
  2nd day of CNY, @Suria KLCC

Happy Chicken Rice Set
3rd day of CNY, @Midvalley Megamall
Thanks to Olga, Gerald & Easter. :D

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