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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wisdom 6:12-16


A quote a day (bible verse)..

Countdown: 2 days to go before my 1st paper for the final exam..huhu..
I find that this verse touches me. So, I eagerly want to share it for today's post..^^

Wisdom 6: 12 - 16

12Wisdom is radiant and unfading, and she is easily discerned by
 those who love her, and is found by those who seek her.
13She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her.
14He who rises early to seek her will have no difficulty, for he will 
find her sitting at his gates.
15To fix one's thought on her is perfect understanding, and he
 who is vigilant on her account will soon be free from care,
16because she goes about seeking those worthy of her, 
and she graciously appears to them in their paths, and 
meets them in every thought.

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