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Wednesday, 26 October 2011



BADMINTON..yeah..only now I realize the reason for a number of my teachers love badminton so much..Playing badminton trains us to be patience, calm and help us to release our STRESS!!! Therefore, no matter how busy they are, they still can spend time for badminton training/ just play for fun..hmm..
One of the best examples would be my former f.5 form teacher, Mr. Abg. Malek..He truly inspires me..He's well-known as a strict discipline teacher, but after knowing him for quite some times, I find out that actually he's quite funny & caring..hehe..
He is very active in badminton, and so far always being the representative in badminton tournament..huhu..I wish I can be as good as him, but as a saying goes "no pain, no gain." Right?? -.-" or maybe I can only play badminton for the sake of spending my leisure hour..huhu..I still don't have the gut to join any badminton tournament so far, and I know my limit anyway..:(
Well then, that's all for tonight..sayonara everyone..

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