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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Logos Hope ship Tour..(Port Klang)


For the first time on board, I was pretty excited to know more about the Logos Hope ship. Well, I consider it as a privileged for me and the other CF members, together with Ms. Pat, Ms. Kon and Sunflowers Ministry, grabbed the opportunity to learn more about the mission of the people who are working in that ship. Basically, Logos Hope is well known as a missionary ship as it serves people from all over the world, and at the same time evangelize the Good News to those who want to know more about Christian. About 400 people from 30 countries serve as voluntarily workers/crews, which means that no salary is given to them. The money that they receiving is mostly being donated sincerely by their church through fund raising, their family/relatives ,friends and public.
The thing that amazed me about the ship was the facilities that has been provided in it. The ship has several classrooms for the workers's children, and there are a number of teachers who teaches the children; very comfortable dining room, laundry room, bakery, book shop, exhibition sites, prayer room, and etc. Beside that, the hospitality given by the crews was absolutely among the best that I ever experience at any other places before.
After spending about nearly 4 hours in the ship, we went to Teluk Gong Seafood Restaurant for lunch. Eating is always the most interesting subject after all. Even though the food that we eaten at the restaurant were just the ordinary food/ in another words is not really a special menu to me, but I was glad that I can at least have a proper lunch outside my campus. Thank God for that anyway. :D

Logos Hope

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