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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hypocrite?? (Oct 15, 2011)


hmm..U guys must be wondering why I choose this topic, right??hahaa..eee..:p

My friends & I went to a concert (christian's music rally to be exact) today/this afternoon..The special guests for that concert are artists from KOREA...well..I think all of you know what happened next..The assembly room was crowded by all the big fans of KOREAN!!OMG!!Some of them even have been waiting as early as an hour/two just to make sure that they can get the front seat..-.-"

The incident that really struck me today was that one of my friends was crying right after the concert ended.. Reason: we are not allowed by the concert's organizer to take pictures with those artists, due to time constrain. However, we can get their signature if we bought the CD's (content of the CD: praise & worship songs sang by the artists), which it cost RM 30 each..-.-"

I stunned for a few second, and felt a bit sorry for her..I tried my best to comfort her as I don't want to let her drawn by her emotion. However, I realized that I'm such a hypocrite after that..:'(..I'm sorry dear..I really need to confess this..hmm..To tell the truth, I'm not a big fan of any Korean artists. I came to the concert because I'm a music lover, and I love praise & worship session..huhu..

The question now I really that hypocrite?:'(

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