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Monday, 17 October 2011


I'm SO ANGRY!!!!like serious...WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS WORLD??????????????????
I've heard enough of baby dumping, abortion, children slavery n etc..
today I saw a number of my friends in FB posted the video about 2 years old child in China being knocked down by 2 cars, & 18 passengers don't even care about the life of the child..WTF..huhu..I personally dislike cursing people, but this is TOO MUCH, ok???Those people are very selfish, & NO MORALITY at all..It was a very tragic incident, therefore I know how painful it is to know that our loved one died in such way.
I know that I can't do much except praying for the departed soul of the child to rest in peace..As for the rest, I just surrender it into God's hand whether He want to punish those irresponsible/heartless men..

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