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Sunday, 25 September 2011

A day without laptop = the most miserable thing in student's life.


hmm...Oh dear..I really miss my baby aka my lappy right now..huhu..yea..I know that most of my friends are willing to borrow me their laptop for online purpose or finishing my assignments, yet I still feel my life so horrible..I have sent my lappy for repair 2 days ago, and now still "patiently" waiting for the service center to let me know about my laptop's problem..
God..You know that during this time I've tonnes of h/w to do, and You know that I always listen to my music player in my laptop while doing my h/w or assignments..:'(..I hope that my laptop can be repaired as soon as possible...Have mercy on me, Lord..:D
ok..that's all for today's sharing..:)