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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pride and Prejudice.. :D..

*Reply letter from Lizzy to Darcy..* - ES assignment..Task 1..:D
        ‘Sir, I was totally shocked with the facts that you have given to me through your letter. Pardon me, Sir, for all the actions and words that had hurt you. However, on certain things, I need to stand firm on the reasons behind the misjudgement of mine towards you.
       “Pride leads to prejudice; prejudice invites pride.” Those were your words that hurt me at first, and perhaps you do not even realized it. I heard the conversation between you and Mr. Bingley during our first acquaintance at the ball. You mentioned that I am not handsome enough to tempt you. Your own pride prejudices me against you. You have even declared that you have no interest in women who are “slighted by other men”, and therefore refuse to dance with anyone who is not rich and well bred.
        I want you to know the other parts that really pierced my heart. I purposely rejected your first proposal for the sake of my pride and the honour of my family reputation. It is only the "deepest of love will induce me to matrimony”. In contradiction to my principle, your proposal of marriage dwells at length on my social inferiority. My lack of wealth and connections to important people seem to be bother you so much. And yet, you still confess that you love me ardently. Am I that unworthy and odd to you, Sir? Unfortunately, I felt that it was an unacceptable generalization. Thus, my rejection towards your proposal turns into an angry accusation as I cannot control the anger of mine. This situation occurred how pride again fails both of us. We are too arrogant in order to protect our pride.   
         I was probably wrong to believe every single word that shows is said against you by Mr. Wickham. But then, again I am not satisfied with your decision to separate Jane, my sister, whom I love the most from Mr. Bingley. This concrete reason has actually blinded me to differentiate between the truth and the lie. As the closest sister of Jane, her pureness of feelings and her loyalty towards Bingley certainly amazed me. Upon the matter about Wickham, I beseech for your forgiveness for my loose tongue and my biased statements against you. How lucky your sister, Ms. Georgina is for having such a concerned brother! Your alertness toward Wickham’s unmannered behaviour has saved your sister’s future.
         I do hope that you will understand me much better after you read this reply. It is up to your intelligent mind to judge me as a person. We shall meet again, God willing. God bless.
                                                                                                      ‘ELIZABETH BENNET.’

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