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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My 20th Birthday..(19/09/2011) - Part 1

Shalom everyone,

Special gratitude to Lord God Almighty for his blessing upon me. I'l never ever forget every part/moment that I have gone through yesterday, started from yesterday morning until evening..
Well..I entered my class as usual that morning..I felt glad that my teammate & I managed to present our video clip for the SS assignments yesterday..YES!!!such a relief..
Even though yesterday was my special day, I still carry on my duty as the ES class rep. to collect all my classmates' ES assignment & sent it to the English Department main office..-.-" ..hehe..hmm..what else???O yea..I even received my 1st birthday present from my beloved mentor, Ms. Pat..:D..
^^..I really felt touched by the birthday song sang by my classmates, and surprisingly also from the class next door, class 5..TQ everyone..huhu..
Even though I felt a little bit disappointed because my daddy must be forgotten about my birthday if I didn't give him a call yesterday, but I realized that it wasn't fully his fault..huhu..It's ok then..He did wished me after that, or to be exact, he keeps on sending me text messages, full of inspiring birthday quote and wishes ..:D
At 2:30p.m, I went for the "48th Celebration of Malaysian Day"assembly, organized by our beloved friends from class 4 and 7 at the main hall..Among all the performances that was presented in the assembly, the public speaking was the part that really attracted my attention and inspired me..^^..
On my way back to hostel, I took out my hp from my sling bag..huh??a missed called from Mr. Mark??erk...aaaa...Sorry Sir, I still keep my hp in silent mode even after I came out from the main hall...hahaa...So I decided to give him a call immediately after I activate my hp to general mode..Guess what happened next??hihi..He sang birthday song to me, instead of only wishing me  happy birthday...aaaaa...TQ Sir..That was so SWEET!!!huhu..:'(..
That's all for the 1st part..:)

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