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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Something to ponder..hehe


I have no idea either to cry or laugh out loud after chatting with one of my best frnds on FB just now... Guess what?? At first, she asked my own definition of the word "LOVE". I wouldn't post my answer that I gave her here as I'm quite shy..haha..After that, she told me that she's impressed as I'm so knowledgeable about it.I was like, gosh...I think I have read too much of novel..GREAT..hmm..I keep asking myself..Since when I becoming a "love counselor"??tet..Anyway, I will continue to pray for her to strive for the best, especially towards her journey of finding the "right" man..She's so lucky as she's smart and good looking girl.. I'm sure the one that she likes now is as equal or maybe better than her..In whatever planning that she has decided for her future, I can only give my opinion whenever she still can accept it..As bright as star, as shine as the sun...I surrender myself for this unending friendship..I promise..:D..Keep my word,sis..hehe..

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