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Sunday, 21 August 2011

House warming cum fellowship..


After the sunset mass last night or few hours ago to be exact, my friends, Olga, Easter, Jane, Treshie, France and I have been invited for a house warming cum fellowship at one of our church members, Anita brother's house in Klang. Anita is a Sabahan, but she has been working in Peninsular since many years ago. hmm..enough with that intro..hehe...

o yea..besides the five of us, there was another seven students from IPBM following us, whom are also comes from Sabah and Sarawak. ^^ ..yeay!!!

I did enjoy myself with all the hospitality that was provided by the house owner. The part that I enjoyed the most was the karaoke sessions. Most of the songs that was sang during that night is in Dusun language or Sabah's songs, and of cause the most common song is 'Sayang Kinabalu'. That song managed to grab the attraction from the guests, and some of them even felt very proud to show their "professional" skills in the Sumazau dance..XD..-.-"

From left to the right: Jane, Treshie and France..peace no war beb..hihi

 From left to the right: Jane, Treshie, France, Easter and Olga.

Students from IPBM.. :D

Bridget (ex-student from Winfield College) and I

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