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Monday, 29 August 2011

Penang de tour day 1..^^


hmm..feel restless n's because my family and I have experienced mix feelings today..huhu..the journey from KL SENTRAL to BUTTERWORTH was not quite bad..hahaa..I managed to read 3 quarters of the novel that I brought along with me..-.-"...n the ferry's ride to Georgetown was ok for me, but not the was raining soon after we nearly reach Butterworth KTM Station. huhu..

haishh..I'm not satisfy with the guy that work at the hotel's counter..To me, he is not an understanding kind of person, n guess what happened during the hotel check-in just now? He asked my dad to book another room n disallowed us to share a room with 7 people..n the price for the extra room is fairly higher from normal season price..IT'S NONSENSE!!!!the room that my dad has booked through online before, which is the room that I'm in now, is enough for 6 people because it has 3 beds with 6 pillows..haiyoo..:'(..It's not ok to separate a small family like mine into two separate rooms!!!:p

but anyway, just forgive and forget then..huhu.


 Scenery 1

Scenery 2

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